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Nomad Tablets and Laptops The Best Choice for Schools and Offices

Nomad Laptops have been offered by Ace Computers for many years, primarily focused on the K-12 market. The environment for tablets and laptops is ever changing, ever evolving, with old players looking to exit the market, and new players entering the market every year. Its nice to know you can depend on Ace Computers year after year to build and support a quality platform. As a registered partner at the highest levels with key suppliers including Intel, AMD, Microsoft, and others, our engineering team continues to monitor and test the latest innovations that reach the market in support of your enterprise mobility requirements focused on students. Whether you are looking for a super small form factor, the lowest energy cost, or simply working within a very tight economic constraint, we can help.

Vision X Pico Ultra Small Micro Compact PC

For those laboratory environments that are severely space constrained, the new generation of Micro Desktops are also available. Combining the power of really small with a large number of standard features at aggressive price points, these units are an excellent alternative where zero client or thin client solutions are not desired.


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