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Ace FORensic Client Examiner (FORCE)
Workstations for Forensic data
acquisition and analysis The Most Powerful Forensic Workstations Available

The Ace FORCE series of Forensic Workstations represent the top of the industry in performance, reliability and value. FORCE Workstations have the most comprehensive variety of form factors, pricing range and ability to match up with your specific needs in the business. What sets these platforms apart is the range of products from an ultra small workstation for a lowball price which can be used as a dedicated imager to a top of the line workstation set up with multiple RAID arrays and multiple GPUs for password/encryption breaking. ACE is the only system integrator who meets Federal EPEAT environmental standards and is also one of the only system integrators with full ISO 9001:2015 certification. We also provide a full 5 year warranty on all our FORCE series platforms.

Standard Features:

  • 5 Year warranty on ALL FORCE series platforms!)
  • Newest and freshest platforms
    constantly being updated to new standards
  • Start at under $1000 and can range to over $40K
  • From mini-sized platforms all the way to the FORCE 23 with 3 RAID arrays

Ideal for:

  • Federal Agencies
  • Police departments
  • State Forensic Labs
  • Forensic Accounting Firms


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