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Datacenter Solutions DC Powered Racks dramatically reduce energy usage

With up to 1280 Cores per rack using the Intel Xeon E5 Architecture in an 80 node configuration, the new DC powered racks from Ace Computers reduce your power consumption by a minimum of 15%, and potentially much more. Featuring versatility, flexibility, and expandability, the system can be scaled to match customers configuration, cabling and cooling requirements to fulfill many different applications by applying standard building blocks. Designed to assure the best power efficiency and the most competitive cost structure, with a 1U building block concept that greatly simplifies cable management and minimizes integration time. The system supports higher ambient temperatures, lowering cooling costs, while offering various types of computing nodes, JBOD nodes, and GPGPU nodes. Featuring a convenient front access design, quick hard drive installtion, easy swap fans, and hot swappable rack management console and power supplies, the latest innovation from Ace Computers sets a new standard in the datacenter. Ace Computers utilizes an ISO 9001:2008 quality controlled assembly and testing process for the DC Powered Racks.

Standard Criteria:

  • Cluster Style Server Management
  • 1U Horizontal Servers are Hot-Swap
  • Standard Dual CPU or Twin Node Dual CPU
  • Intel Xeon E5, Xeon E3, Xeon 5600 CPU Options today
  • AMD Opteron Options are coming
  • Enterprise SAS/SATA Hard Drive & Solid State Drive Options
  • No Internal Cabling for DC Power with Hot-Swap Power Supplies
  • Up to 32KW per Rack
  • True Rack Based Power Management
  • Hot-Swap Exhaust Fans are Integrated into the Rack
  • Flexible Configuration supports standard Network Switches & KVM
  • Variable Rack Heights from 13U to 47U available
  • Storage Only JBOD/RAID Options
  • 10GbE, Infiniband, and FiberChannel Options

Ideal for:

  • New Datacenter Construction Projects
  • Heavy Web Traffic Scenarios
  • Energy Efficient Designs leveraging 480V/380V/240V AC Input
  • Supercomputer Strategies
  • Transportable Rack Based Solutions



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