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News January 2013 - Archive

Vision Pico NUC

Ace Computers´ NUC Micro Desktops Revolutionize Computing in Schools

Ace Computers´ new Vision Pico NUC is based on Intel´s cutting-edge NUC (next unit of computing) technology. The NUC features an Intel Core i3 processor in a highly customizable package. Like all Intel mobile CPUs it uses the full Intel HD 4000 GPU.

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Thunderbolt Unit Datasheet
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Raptor 7 Mobile Workstation / Server

Ace Computers´ Portable Computer Server Opens a New World

The one major drawback to mobile technology has always been the lack of power when compared to a desktop. The good news is that 2013 is bringing in a host of excellent portable computer servers (also called mobile/portable workstations or mobile/portable desktops), such as Ace Computers´ cutting-edge Raptor 7, that bring excellent processing power and capabilities to mobile devices such as laptops.

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