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News July 2013 - Archive

Ace Computers´ Unveils High Performance Computing Solution for Big Data!

TerraNode HPC

TerraNode offers a minimum of 11 large hard drives, with a standard range of 44TB to 60TB, per compute node. It can also be easily expanded to beyond 300TB per compute node, using the same basic architecture. That design range will satisfy over 95% of the identified requirements in the market. Eighteen standard models have been announced, all built around the Intel Xeon E5-2600 Processor family, including significant GPU/MIC support options.

Ace Computers Vice President Marc Fertik said, "By choosing a direct attach SAS 6Gb/s strategy, we gain excellent performance with maximum RAID flexibility at aggressive price points. This allows Ace Computers to support the small-to-mid-sized organizations and mid-tier enterprise clients, as well as universities and national laboratories."

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