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3 Tech Innovations of 2017 that You Can’t Live Without—Or Maybe You Can…

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Griffin Connected Toaster

The Internet of Things has brought some interesting and useful products. For instance, there are now home security cameras you can check from your smartphone to see what’s going on in your house when you’re away. Then there is the Connected Toaster, introduced by Griffin Technology at CES 2017. The $99 Connected Toaster is Bluetooth-enabled device that aims to prevent you from messing up toasting bread by making it an app-controlled exercise. This is a classic example of a high tech solution for a problem that just doesn’t exist.


Starting off this parade of high tech product fails is the one that’s been making headlines for the past year –and most recently, for all the wrong reasons.The Wi-Fi connected Juicero was hyped as a smart juice press and launched at an astounding $699 price tag. During the hype cycle, the company managed to raise $100 million from investors and hired 70 employees. Within a year the price was cut to $399, an investigation showed the proprietary juice packs could be just as effectively squeezed by hand and Juicero imploded, shutting down for good on September 1.

Kodak Ektra Smartphone

Eastman Kodak Company actually put its name on a smartphone in 2017, and it was as bad a move as you might think. The Kodak Ektra hit U.S. store shelves in May, to the sound of crickets.

Who needs another smartphone option? Especially one with mediocre specs, low rent “faux leather” plastic construction, poor battery life and a massive camera bump to house a 21MP shooter that fails in its job to take great photos. Reviews note poor color reproduction, bad low light performance and autofocus that sometimes fails to work. On its face, it was a pretty bad idea. But at $445, this smartphone earns a spot as one of the worst tech products of 2017.


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