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Complete Security System for Schools that’s Cost-Effective, Easy to Use

We just introduced school security systems that provide cost-effective protection for schools of all types without the high upfront expense of similar, less effective systems. The monthly service fee eliminates the need for software licenses and purchasing new computer hardware.

With a single click or swipe on a mobile device or desktop, our Campus Alert, Notification, and Security cloud solution (CANS), provides multi-channel notification capabilities that integrate with existing school emergency systems such as door cameras, PA systems, fire alarms and digital signage.

This solution has 12 emergency alerts managed from a single dashboard. Schools can add safety, security and communication options one layer at a time by building on what they already have and adding additional layers of protection and communication as needed. The software is flexible enough to work with existing infrastructure and grow with emergency management needs and budget.

Key features include:

  • Fire alarm and voice EVAC integration
  • Security camera integration
  • Door and card access integration
  • PC alert
  • LCD panel and digital signage
  • Mobile app
  • Wireless panic buttons
  • LED signage and visual PA
  • Shooter detection system integration
  • Two-way radio integration


The CANS school security solution is the premier offering of our new division Ace CloudTek, which leverages strategic partnerships with leading technology companies including ADT, IronNimbus, Steadfast, Layered Solutions, NovaStor, Druva, WholesaleBackup, Veeam, Rubrik, and CloudJumper. With contracts that include SEWP V, NETCENTS 2, GSA-70, and NASPO ValuePoint, Ace CloudTek is well positioned to provide solutions for enterprise; K-12 and higher education; healthcare; hospitality; and federal, state and local government. Learn more at:

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