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Who Builds the Best Supercomputer for AI?
Ace Computers and NVIDIA.


First of all, we just returned from NVIDIA’s GTC event and had a great time. Thanks NVIDIA! On another note, per Monica Chen at Mashable, NVIDIA has unveiled several updates to its deep-learning computing platform, including an extremely powerful GPU and supercomputer.

At this year's GTC event, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang unveiled the DGX-2, a new computer for researchers who are "pushing the outer limits of deep-learning research and computing" to train artificial intelligence. The computer, which will ship later this year, is the world's first system with an astounding two petaflops of performance (a petaflop is one thousand teraflops). Huang also announced the company has doubled the memory capability of its Tesla V100 GPU, which the company claims delivers the performance of up to 100 CPUs in one graphics processor to power artificial intelligence research and deep machine learning.

These new GPUs will be available in many hardware systems by the end of the year.

Read Monica’s full post here:



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