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The Advantage of High Performance Computing for SMBs


The following is from a recent CIO magazine blog post:

The use of HPC systems has expanded beyond the doors of traditional research and engineering.
It is now widely used in commercial, industrial and consumer applications. It’s at the heart of use cases as diverse as product design, financial analytics, personalized medicine, marketing automation, fraud detection, digital content creation and autonomous vehicles. A growing numbers of small and midsize enterprises are putting HPC systems to work to sharpen their competitive edge. With the advent of affordable, easy-to-access HPC solutions and cloud-based services, SMBs can now get into a game played by large enterprises and research-driven organizations.

The ROI of High Performance Computing

One of the drivers for moving HPC into small and midsize businesses is the rise of new HPC solutions that are easy to order, easy to deploy and easy to manage. Solutions like these open the door to HPC opportunities for companies that don’t have the expertise, time and/or funds to build an HPC cluster from scratch.
Consider these ROI results from an IDC research update, which noted that investments in HPC can be associated with very substantial returns:

  • $673 dollars on average in revenue per dollar of HPC invested
  • $44 dollars on average of profits (or cost savings) per dollar of HPC invested

The advent of more scalable, industry-standard and lower-cost solutions is bringing HPC within the scope of new users across a range of industries and smaller organizations. Experts are seeing a natural expansion of the HPC market. As the technology matures, as it becomes more economical and approachable, a broader range of companies can put HPC to work to accelerate innovation and increase their competitiveness. Here are a few examples:

  • Small manufacturers and component designers can now use HPC to power applications that allow them to test and validate product designs in their R&D shops — without building costly physical prototypes.
  • Engineering firms can use HPC systems to slash the time required to run complex simulations, compared to running the same jobs on workstations.
  • Visual effects studios can use HPC clusters to accelerate the rendering of complex animations in movies and games.

The bottom line is that HPC is no longer a niche technology focused on traditional supercomputing applications. It is now within the reach of mainstream businesses, and it has proven ROI.
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