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Ace Computers has Been Building HPC Technology for Government, Military and Business for More than 20 Years


Since 1996, we have been designing, building and supporting some of the world’s finest HPC workstations and clusters. In fact, we have more experience than nearly every other cluster provider in the U.S. Reasons that we are one of the most respected HPC technology builders include:

  • Expertise and Experience: In addition to two decades of experience, we have a thorough knowledge of what is available and what makes the most sense. This gives clients many advantages including access to a broad portfolio of hardware and software options. We always design with performance in mind.
  • Customized Clusters and Solutions: After fully assessing each client’s requirements, we build the best performing system for the budget. The components can be upgraded to accommodate future technology and extend the system’s life.
  • Turnkey Solutions: We arrange full remote testing before we release the technology for shipping. If requested, we install and deploy the system onsite.
  • Industry-Leading Service and Support: The above average lifespan of our HPC technology is directly related to the expertise and attentiveness of Ace Computers’ engineering staff. We support clients every step of the way—before, during and after the install.


Our HPC technology offers the following benefits:

  • Processing Speed: Multiple high speed nodes work together to provide unified processing and faster speed. These networks create a highly efficient and effective infrastructure that prevents logjams.
  • Flexibility: Technology can be easily upgraded and expanded.
  • High Resource Availability: If one node fails, the other nodes will continue to process data uninterrupted.
  • Cost Effectiveness: HPC technology configurations deliver outstanding power and processing speed for the money.

Primary uses for the Ace Computers’ HPC technology include: simulation/modeling; prototype design; existing design optimization; analytics; algorithm development; speeding productivity; data management (protection, storage, retrieval…); structured data analysis; Big (unstructured) Data analysis; and digital graphics design and implementation.


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