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Some Considerations for Building Military Computers


Did you know that we are one of the most frequently recommended custom computer manufacturers for the military? Today successful combat depends on speed; faster and more technologically advanced weaponry that leads to first-strike capability. This means that technology needs to respond quickly and seamlessly, but it also has to be durable enough to withstand combat and harsh environmental conditions.

Equipment failure is not an option. In many cases lives depend on whether or not the technology performs up to spec. Ace Computers gets that.

We know that, typically, a military computer needs to be much more durable than anything off-the-shelf. This includes the case and also a more complex component support structure.

Another consideration is security. A computer provider, such as Ace Computers, that manufacturers its products in the U.S. where covert intervention by foreign governments is less of an issue, has an advantage. This vulnerability surfaced several times in recent years particularly with malware embedded in technology manufactured overseas.

For military builds and any other projects where reliability is key, service is extremely important. Military decision makers consider not only the end product, but service and support over the long term. They look for suppliers that have been in the business for a long time and can prove, through client recommendations and case studies, that they have an excellent service record. The mere fact that Ace Computers has been supplying computers to the military for more than 35 years is a big advantage.


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