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Need an Experienced Advanced Technology Solution Hardware Provider?


We have been in business since 1983 and are a prime example of why working with an experienced advanced technology solution hardware provider matters. The depth and breadth of our technology industry expertise confers a number of advantages over competitors including:

  • Management experience: We have a seasoned and reputable management team that is more familiar with the nuances of the industry and is in a better position to accommodate each client’s unique business needs.
  • A deep bench of engineering expertise: Our engineers average more than 25 years of experience. Design recommendations are based on a solid foundation of successful solutions along with leading-edge—not bleeding-edge-- solutions.
  • Extensive partner relationships: We have massive partner networks already in place. These close working relationships mean that partners work alongside us to fulfill our clients’ most challenging requirements.
  • Generally Lower Cost: We don’t have to factor in the cost of missteps/trial and error as start-ups often do. We have mastered the process of consistently providing the best possible technology at the lowest possible price.
  • High Success Rate: With this much experience in management and engineering, Ace Computers has one of the lowest product failure rates in the industry.
  • Reliability: Clients know that Ace Computers has been around for a long time and will continue into perpetuity. This is one of the many factors that government and military organizations consider when choosing Ace Computers for elite contracts—they know we have the staying power to back what we sell.
  • Client References: We have been amassing client references and case studies from some of the world’s largest organizations for 35 years.

In fact, we have a bigger list of high profile long-term clients than any other company our size—even significantly bigger than us. They trust us; they are completely comfortable that we know what we are doing in terms of delivering the best possible technology at the best possible price.

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