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Key Elements of the Best Custom Technology Support


Ace Computers has been one of the leading custom technology solution providers in the world for more than 35 years. We excel at sourcing, design and integration, but we also offer outstanding tech support—an aspect that is often overlooked when choosing a technology builder. So here is what to look for in a technology support provider and what Ace Computers’/Ace Technology Partners’ engineers provide:

1. Availability

Technology service calls can be emergencies. This means that a good tech support provider will be ready, willing, and able nearly 24/7. This is rarely the case with companies who outsource their support. Many repairs—mostly software fixes--- can be accomplished remotely. With the client’s permission, the technician can (among other things) control the client's pointer device and keyboard; transfer repair and diagnostic tools to the client's computer; run scans; and even install some fixes such as antivirus software. Hardware issues can be diagnosed remotely, but nearly always must be repaired in person.

Advice: Buy your hardware and software from a company that responds quickly and has extended service hours.

2. Communication

Your support provider should be able to explain the problem and solution in terms that the average non-technical person can understand. The provider should be able to communicate with end-users that have a range of experience, personalities and job titles. This means that the provider needs to listen first and later thoroughly explain what was done to resolve the issue and avoid it in the future.

Advice: Look for a support provider that can explain issues and resolutions in terms that everyone at your company can understand.

3. Expertise

A good technical support provider must be proficient at configuring computers, hardware and software. It’s a good sign if they are enthusiastic and eager to learn about new technologies. A seasoned expert is able to view each component in terms of the entire system. In addition, the best support personnel are skilled detectives and resolve issues as efficiently as possible; they make it a point to reach a solution that doesn’t create more complexity.

Advice: Look for demonstrated expertise through case studies and client referrals.

4. Proactive

The real advantage to using builders and resellers that service what they sell over the long term is that they will know your system like no one else can. Because of this, they can often anticipate issues before they occur, or at least catch them in the early stages before they disrupt business. Less capable support providers tend to focus on price when offering technology products. They will stress break-fix support rather than proactive prevention. Proactive support requires a significant investment in resources such as tools, parts, and training on the part of the provider.

Advice: Look for a technology provider that stresses long-term savings over short-term costs for products and services.

5. Personalization

It’s important that technology support providers are intimately familiar with each client’s business. This includes not just the technology infrastructure, but more importantly how that infrastructure fits into what the company does and how they do it. This allows the support provider to keep an eye on areas of vulnerability and also minimize the time it takes to resolve issues and their consequences.

Advice: Insist that your support provider takes the time to understand your business before an issue occurs.

6. Thoroughness

While even the best support providers can’t always resolve complex problems during the first phone call or visit, they should be able to diagnose and fix routine problems quickly and completely. A good indicator of thoroughness is the provider’s willingness to listen to an explanation of the symptoms without interrupting. Another indication is a deliberate work style. If the support provider seems focused and efficient, it’s likely that the issue will be completely resolved with no further calls or visits.

Advice: Routine issues should be resolved with the first call or visit.

Putting this all together, look for a tech support provider that responds quickly and has extended service hours; explains issues and resolutions in terms that everyone can understand; has demonstrated expertise; stresses long-term savings over short term costs; takes the time to understand your business; and resolves routine issues during the first call or visit. In short, think of Ace Computers/Ace Technology Partners first for a complete technology solution.

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