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MS Operating Systems Integrated into HPC, Desktop, Mobile Technology


We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and have been building supercomputers, servers, workstations, desktops and mobile technology integrated with Microsoft operating systems since 1983. Although there are many excellent Windows iterations for technology at every level, we usually integrate one of the following three.

Windows 10

The three primary benefits of migrating to Microsoft’s Windows 10 from earlier versions include:
  • Operating Speed: It offers an extremely fast user experience. By minimizing bloatware and gratuitous start up applications, Windows 10 even opens faster on a Mac than its native operating system.
  • Usability: and Functionality: For example, the Windows start button is back and so is the start tile. Now instead of just opening with a tile, Windows 10 opens with a button and a tile. This gives users the button’s control and simplicity and the tile’s live updates and graphics displays. Also the Windows 10 touch screen functionality allows users to extend the intuitive experience of a mobile phone to desktops and laptops.
  • Security: Security additions with Windows 10 make the secure boot feature tamper-proof. Other new security features include Microsoft Passport, Device Guard and Windows Hello.
With increased speed, enhanced usability and functionality, and stronger security, Windows 10 is a significant improvement over earlier versions.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro offers the additional advantages of next level connectivity and privacy tools such as:
  • Domain Join
  • Group Policy Management
  • Bitlocker (encrypt USB drives)
  • Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE),
  • Assigned Access 8.1 (locks user accounts and prevents access to specific apps)
  • Remote Desktop (remote control functionality)
  • Client Hyper-V (built-in virtualization)
  • Direct Access.
Windows 10 Pro makes sense for applications that require connecting to a Windows domain at work.

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server is the preferred server operating system for those more comfortable with Windows than Linux. Windows Server 2019 was released on Nov. 13. New features include:
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
  • Support for Kubernetes (Beta)
Other new GUI features include:
  • Storage Spaces Direct
  • Storage Migration Service
  • Storage Replica
  • System Insights
  • Improved Windows Defender
  • Windows Admin Center


We work closely with Microsoft to integrate these MS operating systems into our industry-leading technology for schools, enterprises, government entities and some of the world’s largest organizations. We trust Microsoft to consistently provide the finest operating systems on the market and Microsoft trusts us to build hardware that fully leverages the power of their operating systems. For more information visit:

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