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What Can Forensic Workstations Do?

Pre-1990 investigators could just look under the mattress and in a few drawers to find enough evidence to charge a suspect. Perpetrators got wise and figured out that it’s much more efficient and secure to hide evidence on a computer. As things evolved, law enforcement agencies learned how to transfer evidence from the suspect’s desktop to their own—but there were still two problems:

  1. The evidence needed to be processed very quickly. As it was, downloading and transferring the graphics-heavy contents of a suspect’s desktop was taking days.
  2. The chain of evidence needed to be preserved in such a way that it would hold up in court—otherwise it was essentially useless. There needed to be a way to prove that the contents from the suspect’s device hadn’t been corrupted in any way.

Forensic workstations are very high level computers with the power and storage capacity to process, preserve, document, and make available the contents of confiscated digital devices. For example, the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) (one of our clients) uses forensic workstations to routinely and efficiently download an unimaginably large amount of data from financial institutions under investigation. But much smaller law enforcement entities use them as well.

Nearly all forensic investigations today involve digital evidence. But with current forensic workstations, what used to take days to download can now be accomplished in a matter of hours. This is extremely important when you consider that, in many cases, the suspect can’t be charged and remains on the street until the contents are downloaded and reviewed. Also, forensic workstation builders, working with the legal community, learned how to configure hardware and software to preserve the chain of evidence in a way that is acceptable in court.

Configuring these machines is extremely complex. A lot of processing power and associated components need to be arranged into a relatively small space. Another issue is that preserving and documenting the chain of evidence requires experience with specialized components such as write-blockers. All of this forensic workstation expertise allows us to offer the following features:

  • Custom configuration with components that are high-end, powerful, and energy efficient
  • Multiple write-blocked tray/trayless docks for target drive imaging
  • Designed for maximum I/O throughput and fast data imaging speed
  • Write protection data bridge for safe imaging of SAS/SCSI/SATA/IDE, PCI Express SSDs, and flash media
  • Integrated forensic media card reader - read-only and read/write switchable
  • Internal data drive setup or internal RAID configuration
  • Trusted platform module and SMARTcard reader standard
  • Built in gigabit LAN and wireless LAN (wireless is removable)
  • TAA compliant, GSA Schedule product
  • 5-year parts and labor warranty.

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