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Fast, Powerful, Cost-Effective Forensic Workstations


As one of the most established designers and developers of forensic workstations integrated with Intel high performance Skylake processors, we offer forensic workstations that perform the full array of the most requested digital forensic tasks, including the following:

  • Support for developer tools and universal hardware interfaces
  • Support for hardware-based, remote, and network drive duplication
  • Support for duplication and analysis of an array of forensics-related file types
  • Fast retrieval and authentication of evidence (including images and files) from a 2nd party hard drive
  • Identification of file access/modification dates and times; and creation of file system activity timelines
  • Identification of deleted files
  • File integrity protection in the form of write-blocking
  • Direct linking of notes, images, and other evidence to a case file

We have been providing forensic technology to some of the leading law enforcement organizations across the U.S. for more than 30 years. We understand the need for leading-edge but proven hardware and software; system reliability; speed; and compliance with accepted evidence-gathering practices. We understand this market and know how to streamline the complex and exacting evidence-gathering process.

We work with leading forensic hardware and software vendors to ensure that our solutions protect the chain of evidence. Each Ace Computers forensic workstation is thoroughly tested for reliability and performance and comes with a comprehensive warranty.

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