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LogiCAD Workstations Versatility and Customization to meet your needs

LogiCAD workstations from Ace Computers are custom configured to your individual needs. Offering solutions from 1 to 4 CPU´s, and with up to 8 GPU´s in a single system, you are only limited by your imagination. Whether you are looking for rack or tower based solutions, or remote access engineering workstations using PCoIP technology, Ace Computers can assist you with your requirements.

Standard Criteria:

  • 80+ Certified Power Supplies (Single or Redundant)
  • Processing Requirements (CPU)
  • Office Environment / Datacenter
  • Multiple GPU Solution
  • RAID Storage
  • Integrated Security / CAC / PKI
  • Multiple Monitors / Ergonomic Mounting
  • Operating System (Windows / Linux)
  • System Memory

Ideal for:

  • Engineering
  • Scientists
  • Developers
  • CAD/CAM Drafting
  • Video / Film Editting / Animation
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality controlled assembly and testing process


The systems below are our best selling standards that Ace has built, tested, and delivered to our customers. We tailor the systems to your exacting requirements, including selection of the CPU, Memory, and Storage configuration, as well as additional connectivity options. Contact Ace Computers to discuss your operating system and/or software specifications, as well as for information on additional custom models.

Ace LogiCAD G3 7AI
Ace LogiCAD G3 73A
Ace LogiCAD G3 M7AI
Ace LogiCAD G3 M73A
Ace LogiCAD G3 7AI-FD10LC
Ace LogiCAD G3 Z91300


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