ACE Computers' Products

Desktops & Workstations

Our vast range of products in this category allow for our clients to pick and choose how they need their system customized. No matter how big or small the order, we promise to fit each need of our client

Ace mid-tower PC Front

High Performance Computing

The Powerworks Series is a prime example of the capabilities Ace’s systems have. Allowing for high levels of content to be distributed through these servers at high speeds give our clients endless possibilities.

Ace server tower side


Ace Computer’s Forensic products are fast and secure products available to fit any need in any environment.

Ace forensic PC front


The Mustang Series are highly functional laptops built to provide a fast and secure system anywhere you go. A versatile mobile platform that doesn’t cut any corners even while on the go.


Our range of Gaming systems has been utilized in all fields, providing the newest technology by keeping up with the evolving world of gaming.

Ace Gaming PC front

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         Vision Series Desktops                                                        Mustang Notebooks
          Vision X3B410TS                                                                   Mustang W640

          Vision X3B460STS                                                                Mustang W650

         Powerworks Tower Servers                                             Powerworks Rack Servers                              Powerworks 1AA15PWT                                                  Powerworks 1AA15PWR                               Powerworks 1AA25PWT                                                  Powerworks 1AA25PWR                               Powerworks 2AA25PWT                                                  Powerworks 2AA25PWR                                                                                                                                          Powerworks 2AA45PWR                                                                                                                                          Powerworks 4AA25PWR                                                                                                                                          Powerworks 4AA45PWR                                                                                                                                          Powerworks 7AA85PWR