Higher Education IT Solutions

Colleges, universities, and research labs need to do everything they can to maintain cost without sacrificing quality. With Ace Computers’ high-performance clusters and workstations, we help educational institutions save money while giving students and researchers the power they need to stay ahead of new innovations and ideas.

Our solutions are used for numerous applications including simulation, design, engineering, physics, biology, nanotechnology and deep learning. And with the rise of esports, Ace Computers also provides computer solutions for college gamers that are equipped to handle multiple players at top-notch speed.

Our Solutions Feature:

  • Supercomputer capabilities within compact workstations at a fraction of the price to support intensive research activities
  • Increased memory and large storage capabilities for fast problem solving
  • Scalable server solutions and the ability to expand existing clusters and workstations in the future

“We constantly run computationally heavy tasks for long periods of time on the machines. Thus, the stability of the machines is very important. I have been using Ace Computers workstations for many years and they have been very reliable.”

Graduate Research Assistant, School of Interactive Computing, Major U.S. Research Institution


Georgia Tech

A major U.S. research institution was seeking a partner to provide an array of technology solutions to help fuel numerous projects including the institution’s deep learning initiatives.