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Mission-Driven Technology Solutions

Ace Computers is a technology solutions provider helping customers stay connected and achieve mission success with industry-leading computer products, supplies, and services that are made in America.

Since 1983, Ace Computers has been building high-quality technology solutions for federal, state, and local governments, academic institutions, and corporations using the same components as top manufacturers at a fraction of the price. From forensic workstations for the federal government, military, and law enforcement, to powerful supercomputers for educational research, to desktops for business use, Ace Computers builds IT solutions that deliver optimal performance and solve technology challenges.

In the new office environment, multiple people are working at desks, each using computers. Various screens display data and graphs. Several professionals are engaged in conversations or focused on tasks, discussing about different projects and strategies.

Our mission is to build custom, high-quality technology solutions that fit our customers’ unique needs.

Meet Our Team

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John Samborski

Founder & CEO

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Adam Widdicombe

Sales Director, Forensics

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Barry Speigel

Sales Director, HPC

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Alan McCutcheon

Compliance Manager

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Zach Garrison

Account Executive

Work for Us

Ace Computers is always looking for outstanding technologically skilled talent to join our team. We seek highly motivated, dedicated and talented individuals who strive to contribute to the success of the company while receiving tremendous opportunities for professional and financial growth.

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