Government IT Solutions for State & Local

State and local organizations are often dealing with fewer resources and smaller budgets. And for most, off-the-shelf computer solutions simply don’t meet their unique needs and demands. From replacing aging infrastructure to providing agencies with fast, powerful, and secure workstations, Ace Computers builds solutions that equip state and local entities with the technological capabilities they need now and into the future. Our custom-built, cutting-end desktops and workstations are designed to support numerous applications and offer speed, reliability, graphics processing, and cooling options for power users.

Our Solutions Feature:

  • Specialized forensic workstations for electronic discovery and data acquisition
  • Highly customized computers with numerous hardware and software features
  • Scalable options to optimize multiple levels of our customer’s platforms

“We needed computers that had the power and reliability to run numerous different programs with no hesitation. Our staff benefits from having top-of-the-line systems with the advanced features needed to immediately dispatch our emergency first responders.”

Officer Greg R. Demers, New Bedford Police Dept


Please contact the Ace Computers Account Team to obtain additional information on specific contracts, or to discuss creating your own.

State & Local

New Bedford Police Department