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Ace Computers Has 8 New CCS-2 QEB 2018B Product Categories

We were just awarded eight product categories for the U.S. Air Force’s latest CCS-2 QEB 2018B Blanket Purchase Agreement under the company name J.C. Technology Inc. These products include desktops, small form factor desktops, tablets and monitors. Specifically:

  • Ultra-Small Desktops (UDT): the Ace Vision XI Pico
  • Performance Desktops (PDT): The Ace LogiCAD 45525 Performance Desktop System
  • Agency-Office Desktop (A-ODT-SFF): Ace Vision XIB250SS Small Form Factor System
  • Agency-Office Desktop (A-ODT-MT): Ace Vision XIB250STS Mini Tower
  • Rugged Convertible Tablet (RCT): Panasonic/CF-20
  • 65” Class Display (65 CD): Samsung QB65H
  • 75” Class Display (75 CD): Samsung QB75H
  • 85” Class Display (85 CD): Samsung QM85D

Ace Computers/J.C. Technology CCS-2 BPA number is FA8055-17-A-1105. Products can be purchased via the AFWay (Air Force Way) e-commerce portal where all of the products offered under CCS-2 will be made available through centralized product catalogs. The purchase price includes the device price, shipping, and warranty.

CCS-2 is a five-year contract, with an option for extensions, awarded to only six companies, including Dell and HP. Authorized CCS-2 BPA buyers include the Department of the Navy, Department of the Air Force, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Defense Health Agency-Air Force (DHAAF), and the White House Communications Agency (WHCA). The contract requires the use of environmentally responsible solutions including Energy Star compliant and EPEAT certified products.


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