Secure High-Performance Computing Solutions

High Performance Computing

The Powerworks Series showcases Ace’s knowledge of the High-Performance Computing community over the past few decades. Our Powerworks Series has been developed for use in high-level industries across the nation. They are currently used in High-Profile Research Laboratories, Universities, Government Agencies, and Enterprises in the U.S. and across the globe. With the variety of programs and applications that clients use, our systems were created to be used in all circumstances. Our clusters are thoroughly tested at our facility so they are able to be utilized without any issues.

Although there are many different clients that utilize the Powerworks Series, a few notable ways our HPC technology is begin used is for; Simulations, Data Mining & Stream Processing, Oil & Gas Exploration, CAD, CFD, Scientific Research, Machine Learning, and much more. There is currently a Mid-Tower, Full-Tower, and Rackmount in our lineup that has many features available. These systems are air-cooled or can have a custom liquid-cooled option available for Data Centers. These options allow for the prevention of overheating on systems that average around 8-10 feet tall. Storing a massive amount of data takes a lot of power from the data centers and not only do our systems have the ability to do that, but they can also support and withstand that power.

Ace server tower side