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Need a Workstation for Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence/Big Data?


We have developed industry-leading workstations for deep learning, AI and big data applications. These workstations are designed for the maximum performance required for training deep neural networks and developing applications.

Deep learning is one of the fastest-growing segments of machine learning/AI. Right now researchers are developing new deep learning algorithms that require processing an astounding amount of data. Ace Computers’ deep learning workstations have the capacity to collect and process that data and power breakthrough insights.

Traditional machine learning has significant drawbacks in terms of time-to-insight and the nanoscale accuracy required for applications such as healthcare. Next gen deep neural networks leverage algorithms, big data and GPU computational power to overcome these hurdles.

A major U.S. research institution with a significant footprint in the area of deep learning has been a loyal Ace Computers client for almost 10 years. During that time, Ace Computers has provided an array of technology for a number of projects including the institution’s deep learning initiatives. Find out more: 1-877-223-2667 or Live Chat at now.



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