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Ho Ho…HACKED?? A Cute Toy May Have Invited a Hacker Into Your Home

My Friend Cayla

My Friend Cayla, a doll with nearly waist-length golden hair that talks and responds to children’s questions, was designed to bring delight to households. But there’s something else that Cayla might bring into homes as well: hackers and identity thieves.

Earlier this year, Germany’s Federal Network Agency, the country’s regulatory office, labeled Cayla “an illegal espionage apparatus” and recommended that parents destroy it. Retailers there were told they could sell the doll only if they disconnected its ability to connect to the internet, the feature that also allows hackers. And the Norwegian Consumer Council called Cayla a “failed toy.”

Cayla is not alone (and neither are you). Many manufacturers are promoting “connected” toys to keep children engaged. And where there’s an internet connection (i.e. kid’s smart watch, Furby Connect…) there’s a possible hacker. Read the full NYT article



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