Our 2019 Intel Partner of the Year Award

A man presents on stage at an Intel event, proudly holding the "2019 Intel Partner of the Year Award," with a backdrop reading "NEW ERA OF COMPUTING.

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2019 Intel Partner of the Year Award

Ace Computers has won the 2019 Intel Partner of the Year Award for Best Data Center Solution! The winning project was a 176-node HPC cluster that is one of the first implementations using direct-to-chip hot water liquid cooling technology.

We are very grateful for this honor. Intel has been an especially valuable partner for us since our CEO John Samborski founded Ace Computers in 1983. In addition to providing us with the finest products, Intel has been an excellent resource for challenging configurations and integrations. This allows us to fully leverage their high-performance components in the supercomputers, workstations and servers we build for our clients. This particular project, for which we won the award, was just such a collaborative effort—not only with Intel, but other key partners as well.

The Partner of the Year award singles companies out for recognition that employ Intel technologies and solutions while demonstrating excellence in technology platform design and integrated solutions. These companies have achieved the highest standards of design, development, integration and technology deployment to accelerate innovation in PC computing, data center, storage, vertical solutions and marketing…that, in a nutshell, is what we do.