Collaboration on Computational Physics Analysis

Close Collaboration Powers Success

 “While cost/performance is imperative, we appreciate being able to rely on Ace Computers; we know that they really listen.”

CEO, Computational Physics Analysis Company


When one of the world’s most highly regarded computational physics analysis companies needed to find a custom technology vendor that understood what they needed and could deliver performance at a price they could live with, Ace Computers topped the list. 

As the President and CEO explained, “We already knew who Ace Computers was. Although we had a vendor we were working with, Ace gave us better pricing and service. We liked the account rep and felt we could work well together. We also liked that they use suppliers we are comfortable with, such as Intel and Supermicro.”


The company first ordered an Intel-based HPC 584 core cluster with QDR IB. The CEO said that it really was a test order—to see how well Ace Computers could cost-effectively supply what they needed.  They weren’t disappointed.

Ace Computers account executive Barry Speigel said, “They liked that we worked closely with companies they respected and that we are cost competitive. “And I have to say that I think they liked working with Ace.  We were on the same page from the start—they trusted us to provide exactly what they wanted and I had a good sense of what they were looking for.”

The CEO agreed, “The collaborative relationship that we have with Ace is very important to us,” he said. “While cost/performance is imperative, we appreciate being able to rely on Ace Computers and we know that they really listen.  We’ve been working with Barry for a long time and he knows our business.  That is one of the benefits of working with a smaller custom technology manufacturer—that you tend to work with the same people for a long time—you don’t get a different rep with every order. I know that if I have a question about one of the components and I call the manufacturer, I’ll be on hold for a long time.  But I can give Barry a quick call and he’ll have the answer to me right away.”


The CEO added that important factors for choosing Ace Computers were that they are highly experienced, competent, and have a good reputation.   

Barry said, “It’s the ability level of Ace Computers’ employees that makes us so successful. Our clients have good reason to trust us because we have a good track record. There are not that many companies that can design and implement high-level data centers”

The client has been nominated for an SC13 Gordon Bell Prize. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in parallel computing, with particular emphasis on innovation in applying high performance computing to applications in science, engineering, and large-scale data analytics. Special consideration is given to peak performance or special achievement in scalability and time-to-solution on significant science and engineering problems. 

“This is an honor for us that Ace Computers helped make possible,” the CEO said. “It points to the fact that we do rely on the quality and performance of everything they sell us.”  

It’s been 6 years since the initial purchase; the client has ordered visualization post-processing machines, development workstations, networking, and storage. The CEO said, “The people we work with at Ace Computers are good listeners. We know exactly what we want and they don’t waste our time by trying to sell us something different. I have recommended Ace Computers many times because of the value and service—which is just about everything that most people are looking for—and so hard to find— in a custom technology manufacturer.” 


The client provides computational physics analysis, such as fluid dynamics, shock wave physics, and structural mechanics, to support the defense and automotive industries. More than two-thirds of the company’s staff hold advanced degrees in the engineering sciences with more than one-third holding Ph.D.s. In order to provide high level solutions to their clients, they maintain a 5,000-cpu parallel supercomputer system capable of conducting a massive number of large-scale computations annually. The company also develops prototype hardware for incorporation into existing and emerging weapon systems.


Multiple award-winning Ace Computers, a Woman-Owned Small Business custom technology systems builder and reseller for the public sector as well as the commercial sector. It has been an industry leader since 1983. In addition to some of the finest academic institutions in the U.S., long-term clients include the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense.  Ace Computers builds custom technology with the same components that top manufacturers use without the premium price. Its principal, recognized industry expert John Samborski, is an alumnus of Intel’s prestigious board of advisors. In addition to its Greater Chicago headquarters, Ace Computers has locations in New Jersey, Minnesota, and Idaho. To contact Ace Computers, call 1-877-223-2667