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A black computer case from the ACE LOGICAD SERIES with an open door.

ACE LogiCAD Series LC-F3XS2

Featuring Intel’s Xeon Silver 4310 Processor, the LC-X3XS1 is a high-level workstation designed to process massive amounts of data. Tackle all of your demanding and complex workloads with ease.

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Ace Vision Series Desktop Computers on a black background.

ACE Vision Series VS-M690I

Featuring Intel’s latest 12th Generation I5-12400F processor, the ACE Vision Series VS-M690I comes with colossal performance and maximum room for expandability.

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ACE Vision Series VS-U660I

Powered by the latest Intel 12th Gen processor, the ACE Vision Series VS-U660I is designed with powerful processing for multi-tasking, multiple-tab browsing, everyday tasks, and more.

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ACE Vision SFF-I-760-14 Business Desktop

ACE Vision Series VS-S660I

The ACE Computers VS-S660I small form factor office desktop is the ultimate choice for a compact size business desktop that is designed with reliability and performance.

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Ace server tower side
HPC Servers

ACE Powerworks Series

The Powerworks Series showcases Ace’s knowledge of the High-Performance Computing community over the past few decades. Our Powerworks Series has been developed for use in high-level industries across the nation. They are currently used in High-Profile Research Laboratories, Universities, Government Agencies, and Enterprises in the U.S. and across the globe. With the variety of programs and applications that clients use, our systems were created to be used in all circumstances. Our clusters are thoroughly tested at our facility so they are able to be utilized without any issues.

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Mini PC VS-DM660I​

ACE Vision Series VS-DM660I

The VS-DM660I features a compact design with massive power. Supports up to the latest 13th Gen Intel Core Processors and up to 64GB of DDR4 3200MHz memory. Powerful and tiny form factor capable of delivering extreme performance.

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