Secured Forensic Workstations​

Ace Computers has been engineering secure, high-quality forensic technology solutions for nearly four decades, ensuring that clients maintain connectivity and achieve mission success with robust and reliable systems.

Ace Computers, a renowned name in the field of technology solutions, introduces the ACE FORCE Series Forensic Workstations. Built for professionals who demand high-speed, secure, and effective digital forensics tools, these workstations epitomize industry-leading innovations and reliability. Our dedication to delivering superior quality and performance is embodied in the ACE FORCE Series.


In an era defined by digital transactions, digital forensics plays an integral role in maintaining the integrity of information and supporting judicial proceedings. It ensures that digital evidence is collected, preserved, and analyzed accurately and securely, thereby upholding justice and accountability.


The ACE FORCE Series Forensic Workstations are high-speed, powerful machines designed specifically for forensic computing needs. These workstations stand out in their ability to securely acquire and examine digital evidence sourced from a wide variety of digital and non-digital devices, streamlining evidence-gathering and documentation processes.


When it comes to performance, versatility, and reliability, the LogiCad Series stands unparalleled. Available in multiple configurations – Mini-Tower, Mid-Tower, Full Tower, and Rackmount – our workstations provide flexible solutions to fit any need.

Plus, with GPU options from industry leaders like NVIDIA and AMD, the LogiCad workstations offer top-tier graphical performance for all your applications.




The secured logo for belkasoft forensic workstations made easier.

Quickly identify specific digital evidence, acquire data from all types of data sources in a forensically sound way, extract, recover and analyze artifacts with Belkasoft solutions.

Conduct in-depth investigations on all types of data sources, including smartphones, computers, RAM, clouds, and drones. Access devices even if they are encrypted with whole device encryption.

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From the crime scene to the courtroom, Cellebrite solutions help investigative teams make disparate data accessible, digestible, and actionable across the full investigation lifecycle.
Field Units and Labs can discover and gather evidence from multiple points in mobile devices, computers, and the Cloud, whether connected to a network or not – while protecting the privacy of all parties involved.
Examine digital evidence from mobile, cloud, computer, and vehicle sources alongside third-party extractions all in one case file. Use powerful and intuitive analytical tools to automatically surface case-relevant evidence quickly.
Magnet GRAYKEY can provide same-day access to the latest iOS and Android devices – often in under one hour.
Improve efficiency and break down silos by enabling stakeholders agency-wide to manage, collaborate, analyze, and report on all aspects of your digital investigations.
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The Ciphertex SecureNAS® Series—gives you all the tools you need to facilitate field investigations, no matter where they take place.
The SecureNAS Series: Works in Tandem with Third-Party Software to Provide an All-in-One Forensics Solution
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Amped Software solutions are used by the top law enforcement, military, and government agencies worldwide. The company focuses on developing global leading solutions for all image and video processing needs relating to forensics, investigations, public safety, and intelligence. With an emphasis on the transparency of the methodologies used, Amped solutions empower customers with the three main principles of the scientific method: accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.
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Managing third-party video evidence just got easier! By incorporating video conversion and playback tools in Axon Evidence, your agency can review, store, and organize video evidence from many sources with the confidence that you are viewing the correct playbacks — every time. An expanded range of video sources gives a fuller picture of what happened in any given investigation, so you can get to the truth faster.
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Mission Darkness offers a comprehensive selection of radio frequency shielding solutions primarily for law enforcement and military forensic investigators, executive travel protection, harmful EMF reduction, EMP protection, and anti-hacking/anti-tracking/anti-spying assurance. Mission Darkness products are designed to keep wireless devices offline and come in specific dimensions and styles to shield devices ranging in size from key fobs to generators.
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The iVe Ecosystem is a collection of tools that supports investigators throughout the entire vehicle forensics process with a mobile application for identifying vehicles, a hardware kit for acquiring systems, and forensic software for analyzing data.


Built with an emphasis on security, the ACE FORCE Series Workstations come packed with features that enhance the efficacy of forensic tasks. They deliver a high level of storage, allowing for extensive data collection and retention. Users benefit from the series’ ability to document the chain of possession meticulously, a critical factor in ensuring that the evidence can be admitted in court proceedings.

Customization with ACE FORCE Series

The ACE FORCE Series is designed to adapt to your needs. Each workstation can be customized to fully leverage hardware and software capabilities, ensuring that your forensic computing demands are met efficiently and effectively. This flexibility makes the ACE FORCE Series a true asset in the field of digital forensics.


Digital Data Sources

A forensic workstation with a number displayed inside a secured circle.

Locate, Identify, Seize, Secure.

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Unlock and Access Devices

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Forensic Acquisition
( Extract Data – Devices, Cloud, OSINT )

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Forensic Data Decoding & Examination (Reports)

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Analyze (AI), Investigate, Report

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Prosecutor and Defense


Ace Computers’ legacy is built on over 35 years of experience in providing high-quality technology solutions. Our dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and secure computing solutions makes us an excellent choice for your forensic computing needs. The ACE FORCE Series is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering the best in the industry.

At Ace Computers, we envision a future where digital forensics is seamless, efficient, and impeccably secure. With the ACE FORCE Series Forensic Workstations, we’re forging a path toward this future. Embark on this journey with us to experience unrivaled performance and innovation in forensic computing.

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Our products are some of the bests on the market, and our customer reviews reflect that.Read what others have to say about our products before you buy.
Ace Computers are the best in the business. I have never been disappointed with Ace Computers, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a new computer. Their customer service is also top-notch. If you ever have a problem with your computer, they will help you fix it quickly and easily. I have never had to call them more than once about the same issue, which is impressive.


June 24, 2023

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June 24, 2023


Our products are some of the bests on the market, and our customer reviews reflect that.Read what others have to say about our products before you buy.
What is the ACE FORCE Series?
The ACE FORCE Series is a line of high-performance forensic workstations designed for security and extensive data storage, suitable for digital forensics professionals​​.
Key features include high-speed multi-core processors, ultra-fast memory, high-performance SSDs, and customizable components like write blockers and cooling bays​​​​.
Its emphasis on security, high-level storage, and capability to handle complex forensic tasks efficiently make it a preferred choice​​.
ACE FORCE Series is used by several government agencies, the New York State Police, and high-level U.S. government clients​​.
Ace Computers ensures quality through customization, using high-quality components, and adhering to industry standards​​.
Yes, ACE FORCE Series workstations are customizable to meet specific forensic computing demands​​.
The ACE FORCE Series streamlines evidence gathering, preserving, and documenting the chain of possession for court use​​.
Ace Computers offers support and technical resolutions, including phone and Web-based assistance​​.
Its ability to handle large amounts of data, multitask seamlessly, and offer high security and storage capabilities sets it apart​​​​.
The ACE FORCE Series contributes with its cutting-edge technology and adaptable features that meet evolving forensic needs​​​​.