HPC Technology with Newest Xeon Processors

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Ace Computers just announced that they are building HPC technology—clusters and workstations—optimized with Intel’s latest Xeon scalable Cascade Lake processors.  The processor was officially introduced by Intel Tuesday April 2.  

Ace Computers CEO John Samborski said, “This new Cascade Lake processor is a breakthrough in terms of cost/performance. There has been significant interest from our clients for a while and now that it is on the market we expect orders for HPC technology integrated with this processor to skyrocket.” Ace Computers has delivered more than $5 Million in HPC solutions to the federal government alone in the past nine months.

Ace Computers is widely acknowledged as one of the most innovative HPC technology developers in the world.  The most recent breakthrough was an HPC cluster with a direct-to-chip hot water liquid cooling system—for which Ace Computers won an Intel Partner of the Year award. 

In addition to being an Intel Platinum Partner, Ace Computers is one of an elite group of HPC technology developers that have achieved “Intel HPC Data Center Specialist” status. Specialists have access to a number of client-facing Intel benefits that differentiate them from competitors. 

With high performance technology orders from industries that include chemistry, physics, energy, biology and mechanical engineering, Ace Computers has been serving the HPC market since 1983 and is one of the most established and respected custom technology builders in the world.  

Intel’s groundbreaking 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors deliver higher performance, improved memory bandwidth, Intel Optane DC persistent memory and the introduction of Intel Deep Learning Boost featuring Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI)—all perfect for Big Data applications.