Case Study

New Bedford Police Department

“We needed computers that had the power and reliability to run numerous different programs with no hesitation. Our staff has benefited from having top-of-the-line systems with the advanced features we need to immediately dispatch our emergency first responders.” 

Officer Greg R. Demers
– New Bedford Police Department


Operating with a $15 million annual budget, the New Bedford Police Department receives and answers more than 100,000 calls for service each year. As part of a redesigned communications center, the department needed to replace aging computers that were used to dispatch all 911 police and emergency medical services calls. 


The workstations built by Ace Computers offered users top-notch speed and little to no downtime, which are both critical requirements for 911 dispatchers. Since users are running several monitors per machine, the workstations were also equipped with the latest video cards. However, since video cards produce a lot of heat, a proper cooling system was installed as well. Ace Computers was able to match the case, CPU cooler and additional fans with the rest of the products the department selected to create a fully customized, reliable and fast computer that gives dispatchers the ability to safely and effortlessly dispatch officers for many years to come. 


The New Bedford Police Department worked with Ace Computers to custom-build a LogiCAD workstation for its exclusive needs. Since most off-the-shelf solutions allow for a very limited number of customizations and substitutions, customers are often required to purchase features they don’t need. With Ace Computers, the New Bedford Police Department was able to fully customize every aspect of its computers with no compromises. The various components selected were based on speed, reliability, graphics processing and cooling.