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High Performance Workstation Technology, Performance Desktop and Tablet Categories Awarded to Ace Computers through CCS-2 QEB 2019A

Ace Computers just awarded three product categories for the U.S. Air Force’s latest CCS-2 QEB 2019A BPA (Blanket Purchase Agreement) under the company name J.C. Technology Inc. These products, all with an exceptional warranty, include high performance workstations, performance desktops and slate pads. The Ace Computers/J.C. Technology CCS-2 BPA number is FA8055-17-A-1105.

Specifications for the devices include the following:

  • High Performance Workstations (HPW): The Ace LogiCAD 397E featuring an Intel Skylake processor, 64 GB-4 x 16GB DDR4 2400 MHz memory; and 2 TB of storage.
  • Performance Desktops (PDT): The Ace LogiCAD 45525 Performance Desktop System featuring an 8th Generation Intel processor; 16GB DDR4 2666 MHz memory; and 1 TB of storage.
  • Slate Pad (Non-AFIN) (SP Non-AFIN): The Ace Nomad Pad 11 featuring an Android operating system; 10.1-inch backlit display; rotating, multi-touch screen; a 1.83 GHz processor; 1 GB memory; 16 GB SSD storage; 1 USB port; and 8-plus hours of battery life.

We always provide the highest quality and best service at a cost-effective price to all of our clients, including those purchasing through CCS-2. We are eager to accept orders for these three products, which can be ordered via the AFWay (Air Force Way) e-commerce portal where all of the products offered under CCS-2 will be made available through centralized product catalogs. The purchase price includes the device price, shipping and warranty. Criteria for becoming a Bright Premier Partner include:

  • A track record of providing solutions that are complementary to Bright technology
  • Strong sales, technical, and support teams
  • Industry, application, or product expertise
  • A solid foundation of successful client relationships

Benefits of Premier Partner status to Ace Computers and our clients include:

  • Additional solutions in AI, Edge Computing and hybrid cloud
  • The introduction of new services (e.g. training, remote management) and consultancy
  • The addition of a new layer of differentiation to competing products and services

The Bright Partner program aims to enable its partner community to grow their business, improve profitability, and empower their client base to build dynamic clustered infrastructures.


  • Enhanced compliance, security, and encryption features
  • Powerful compute capacity
  • Increased memory, bandwidth and VM per core
  • Next level parallel processing capabilities
  • A compact footprint
  • Nearly unlimited scalability

Interested to learn more? Contact us at 877-223-2667 or at sales@acecomputers.com