Custom Technology for Military & Government

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Ace Computers offers high performance technology for Big Data applications such as machine learning, deep learning and AI. This technology is designed for the unique demands of public sector applications. For federal, state, and local governments and military organizations such as the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines, the ability to organize and analyze disparate data quickly and accurately can be key to staying on top of logistical, tactical, and security challenges and staying within budget.

Right now, there are three primary factors driving government and military institutions to adopt big data analytics:

  • Increased Complexity: HPC clusters designed for Big Data analytics allow public sector organizations to confront more complex, intelligent, and relevant challenges. With these highly specialized, high performing clusters, users can go beyond typical query-driven searches to discover hidden patterns and relationships that create a common operating picture.
  • The Need for Lightning-Fast Response: Public sector organizations, especially the military, need information immediately. Clusters designed for Big Data analytics can, for example, analyze battlefield sensor data from multiple locations, detect a pattern of enemy movement and predict subsequent advancement. This means that military forces can act before opportunities disappear.
  • High Variability: Unlike spreadsheet data, Big data is generally unstructured data like graphics, videos, voice, sensor information, scanner images, etc.—the kind of data that results from government investigations and military campaigns. This requires significantly more computing power and specialized management and application software.


  • Enhanced compliance, security, and encryption features
  • Powerful compute capacity
  • Increased memory, bandwidth and VM per core
  • Next level parallel processing capabilities
  • A compact footprint
  • Nearly unlimited scalability 

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