Forensic Solutions with OpenText Partnership

Ace Computers & OpenText

Opentext is a trusted partner of Ace Computers, providing application management and consulting abilities to each of our customers through their in-depth software. For over 25 years, OpenText has been providing information management solutions to organizations, making them a trusted and quality asset to all of our business consumers.

Featured Products

Tableau Forensic Universal Bridge

This Tableau Universal Bridge mounts into a 5.25″ half-height drive day and supports 6 different forensic inputs, while connecting by USB 3.0 to your forensic machine. This is their most updated universal write-blocker to date.

The Universal Bridge is an important piece of several of our major forensic computer offerings. With OpenText, the forensic analysis process becomes that much more feasible. With the universal bridge, our machines allow you to access any variety of information through all the different connections available.

Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager

The Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager is a portable alternative to forensic workstations. The imager has full network connectivity and on-screen notifications and feedback. With multiple imaging and outputting formats, it provides a great portable way to continue full forensic work in the field.

With the Tableau TX1, connecting with our forensic PCs is a breeze on the go. The TX1 Forensic Imager is an ideal companion with us in helping to extend the power of our computing into the field and anywhere you go. Our partnership with OpenText expands our reach and helps you to as well.

Tableau Forensic SATA Drive Bay

The Tableau Forensic SATA Drive Bay mounts into the internal drive bays of forensic stations and can integrate write blocking for 2.5” or 3.5” SATA hard drives. With firmware updates and usb 3.0 connection, the drive bay maintains a cool and secure atmosphere for your data storage.

The Tableau SATA drive bay is an important part of some of our forensic systems, allowing the user to access write blocking in incredibly dense and compact form. The reading/writing capabilities allow each of our systems that include it to quickly analyze a data drive with no hassle.